Our skin care product line is the fruit of a unique collaboration of expert dermatologists and pharmacologists, committed to skin’s health and closely familiar with patients and doctors needs. Pharmedica is commited to assist women achieving healthy skin for their lifetime, providing them with professional and reliable derma-cosmetics.

All products are developed by expert dermatologists and pharmacologists, working together to ensure highest standards of safety, with visible and significant results.

All formulas are tested for sensitive skin. The formulas are not tested on animals.


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Discover Pharmedica’s line of creams and serum especially formulated to delay skin aging, rejuvenate the complexion, minimize wrinkles and diminish brown spots for a vital, smoother and younger looking skin.




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Acne is a very common condition that close to 80% of the population suffers, especially during adolescence. Dermatologist often recommend medication as the most effective treatment, but it may over-dry the skin or cause increased sensitivity to sun exposure and irritation. Pharmedica offers supplementary products that meet the skin’s needs during medicated treatment.

Combination to oily skin is characterized by overactive sebaceous glands that serete an oily substance called sebum. It commonly causes high shine, oily feel, enlarged pores and even redness or pimples, and therefore demands appropriate facial care. Discover our Oily Skin product range.





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Seborrhea is a skin condition where overactive sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance called sebum. It is typically resulting in enlarged pores and redness, mainly between the eyebrows and the side of the nose, while skin and scalp may also flake.





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Pharmedica 0% is a Eco Bio Cosmetics product line based on certified organic ingredients. The use of genuinely natural ingredients in the formulation, produced in accordance with the specific guidelines that regulate organic cultivation, in combination with cutting-edge science and technology result in high quality, extremely safe products, dermatologically and nickel tested, with no parabens... and no compromise.